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Do You Want to Make Money Every Month?
Well the good news is you can start right now, yes today by clicking on the link below
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There are many ways to earn an income through the programme, this just highlights some of the fun ways to collect points. Starting from this month, you can get another 300 ACTION Vps at SFI every month. Let me show you how easy that really is now. Obviously you would need to join for free and be logged in for the links to work, before you can actually complete these actions. But without joining this illustrates the various pages.

If this is the first time that you have visited this site, please look for my first post “Millions of People” this you can find by simply scrolling down the page or see “getting started” under categories, on the right hand side of the page. By reading that post first, this post will then make more sense.

Please go to your VP Ledger page


As you can see from the above screen shot, there are 3 new items which we can use to collect (200 + 50 + 50) = 300 Versapoints every month.


How to get 200 VPs from playing games, the Eager Zebra game and Pick The Price entries.

30 Action VPs From Eager Zebra game entries:

When you click the link in your VP ledger page, it will take you to the Time Machine, this page below:


Just enter the number in box (1), then click “SUBMIT”.

Note, this game changes each month, each entry will cost you 1 TCredit but you get 1 VP and you’ll have a chance to win 100s of TCredits. Using this game you can collect 30 SFI Action VPs every month.

Get 170 VPs From Pick The Price entries:

You can collect as many action VPs as you can in this step. But please note that the maximum VPs that are counted for you from these games combined is 200 action VP.

Now, how can you collect these 170 action VPs from “Pick The Price”? Here are the steps:

Go to the auction page:

Have a look at all the open auctions which have just started, with their prices (less than $1). Note, the auctions existing bid price needs to be less than $1 (i.e. the auction just started).  In the right hand column of the auction page, exactly under the title “Pick The Price”, click “ENTER”. On the new page you need to enter the price that you think  will be the winning price of this auction, then click “Confirm”. See these screenshot below.

Note, For every Pricebenders auction at TripleClicks, you need to can try to guess the winning price of the auction and win 100 FREE TCredits (a $42 value) or 25 FREE TCredits if you’re the closest guess.

There are hundreds of chances to win every month! Again, to enter, just click the “Pick The Price” button at any auction before the price reaches $1.00 (just 1 TCredit to enter, no purchase necessary to play or win).

By these entries and playing these games, you can collect 200 action VPs very easily every month.


Then at the next screen, pick a price and enter by hitting the confirm button



Now you can get 50 Action VPs From Downloading Music:

If you are interested in music downloading, this is your chance to collect 50 action VPs every month by downloading music from TC.

When you click the appropriate link below (which you find in the Daily Actions list in the first screenshot above), this will open the TC Music page.


As you see above this will open the page with 10 music download options. You can choose any one to download, in this case we have chosen “Dynamite – Hit 4 6″

You would then click on that music title and this opens the music page (See the image below). You then just click the play icon.


After you click the “Play button”, the music will start, and a bar will appear at the top of the page. Now you click the yellow “Vote – Download”  bar


Two new pop up windows will then appear (See image below). Then simply click “Download”, then “Save”, then “OK”.


Note: Each download will cost you 1 T Credit, but you get back 1 action VP. You can get up to 50 VPs from downloading music every month.


You can also get 50 Action VPS Every Month from listing items in your own Free E Commerce Store:

The first step is to open your ECA  (E Commerce Affiliate) store, this again is a simple process. I will discuss this process in more detail in a separate post. But for now, just be aware that you can sell your own items, products, e books etc and this is the great thing, no setting up costs, no hosting fees, everything is already done for you. All you do is to add items to your store, maybe one of your local businesses doesn’t sell online yet, why not speak to them about this. You could even offer them a listing service, if nothing is sold it doesn’t cost a thing. You just pay a small percentage fee per item, per sale.

After you get your ECA store approved, you need to add your listings (Product or service). Each listing you add will get you 1 action VP. You can collect up to 50 action VPs every month by adding your listings.

As you see, you can easily add 300 VersaPoints or more every month to your action VPs. This will help you to earn money and increase your SFI rank to become a Team Leader.

Take action now if you want to start making money online, join SFI for FREE by clicking here through this link

I wish you every success,

Stephen J

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