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Musicians and Singers Wanted for Global Competition


WANTED: Artists for our “Song-of-the-Month” Competition!


Musicians and Bands wanted!!!! From anywhere in the world are invited to submit their music, to introduce their sounds to more than 1.6 million plus members.

Registering is FREE, and all artist s get their own Artist Web Page to promote their music, communicate with fans, sell tickets and merchandise, and more.

Each month, over 1.6 Million members in more than 190 countries worldwide listen to and vote for their favourite songs in the monthly contest. Each vote also includes an instant download of the chosen song. The song with the most votes at the end of the month wins!

If you’ re the winner, you and your song will be featured on the homepage for the entire following month and available for download by all members! What’s more, the contest names a winner for each of 14 GENRES each month, giving artists multiple opportunities for recognition and worldwide exposure.

So don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to get an immediate worldwide audience and fan base with instant recognition. Check it out now! Free entry!



1. Sign in for a FREE membership by clicking here


, then complete your registration by submitting the Artist form.

2. Upload your best song before the first of each month (using the link located on your Artist Page). It can be any original song you’ve previously recorded or a new, original song written/recorded just for the competition. Note that lyrics, vocals, and music must all be original. You may not sample existing songs or use music from existing songs.

3. Beginning on the first day of every month, members will vote for their favourite song in the contest. Voting also includes a free download of the song for the voter to spread your music far and wide! The song with the most votes at the end of the month wins. The winning song will then be featured on the homepage for an entire month!!

4. Enter a new song each month and build a Global member fan base!


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