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Can I really make money online?

Can I really make money online? Or is it a Joke?

This is most certainly not a joke, why would I waste my time and effort, if it was?
Nobody is here to waste time, effort or money that they cannot afford to waste. We are all here to make money online. The truth is, you really can achieve your goals of making really good money for many years to come.
But here’s the thing, to get it, you must be prepared to treat this like a business from the start, and start the correct way! If your not prepared to do this seriously from the beginning, then how can you expect to create a long term residual income for years to come? If you don’t care for your little seedling plant today, how can you visualise your dream, to see it grow and blossom into a giant tree bearing good fruits for years to come? If you have not done so yet, please join for free with no obligation click here

There are many ways to achieve your goals of making good money online within this programme, in todays article we look at just one important way, being a real Team Leader. To do this there are 2 important steps you MUST take:

You need to qualify and act as a Team Leader every month to build your Team. The more quality PSAs you have in your Team, the more money you’ll make!

You teach your Team and downline the above 2 steps so that they in turn can duplicate your success.
Remember, with this programme you can get matching VPs for up to 12 levels deep. This develops into a huge money tree for you in fact! So if you are serious about building a residual income don’t ignore this option.

So I will now explain the simple steps to make this happen, it does take time but the benefits far outweigh the time and effort involved.

To be a team leader every month the following link will show you in simple steps how you can do this. Take some time to really read, digest and understand this, then take action and do it.
Building your team is an important step and takes time. There are many ways to do this and again you will be helped along the way. Remember this is all included in the free online training, in great detail.
You can advertise your very own affiliate link Make sure to change the xxxxxxxxx part of the link into your real SFI ID number!
You can also advertise utilising your free gateway pages. These are already done for you and can be used online or offline in many ways. You can find all of your gateway pages here

You can also find pages and pages of marketing adverts, banners, Facebook, text, media adverts, again all prepared and free to use here,
There are free and cheap traffic sources like safelists, traffic share sites and PTC sites. Also there are more high quality services like PPC, solo ads, and media buy. The importance here is to get people to sign up under you and start their SFI business.
Or you can buy guaranteed sign ups/PSAs.
Inside TripleClicks there are several stores selling sign ups. Some like the one below, are approved by SFI as PSA resellers
The advantage of buying these sign ups is that you don’t need to promote or advertise yourself, it’s like having your own recruitment company. As new people sign up through the official gateways they are assigned to you as their Team Leader.
Finally you teach your downline/Team the above steps.
This way, your downline will build your network for you in many levels. This is the power of network marketing!
Never ignore your downline. Help them as much as you can. Teach them every single point as simply as you can. Give them your time and effort. Do this and believe me, your dream will come true.
This is a real business, not a joke!

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A family of Mice and a Free home internet business, whats the connection?

Today I want to tell you a story, are you sitting comfortably, good then lets begin.

Many years ago a salesman in England went to see a customer, it was a cold wet day, one of those days when the car windows just keep steaming up. It was a long drive and by the time the man arrived at his destination, it was already beginning to get dark. Checking that he had arrived at the correct address, the man left the warmth of the car, grabbed his briefcase and went to the doorway. The door bell was very old, covered in cobwebs, but when pressed it did work. A lady inside the house shuffled along the hallway to answer the door, as she opened the door there was a flash of lightening followed by a clap of thunder. Then the rain started again, good job the man had reached his destination. “Good afternoon” the man said, “I have come to see Mr Hughes” the lady paused for a moment and then replied. “Yes, you must be Mr Grey please come in out of the rain, just go through to the sitting room” The sitting room was very dark with just a small window and a table lamp for light. After what seemed like eternity to the salesman, the lady appeared with a tray filled with a china teapot, cups and saucers. Without a word the lady prepared the cups and saucers, then finally poured the man a proper English cup of tea. It was almost as though this process of preparation of the tea was a ritual that had been carried out for hundreds of years. “Would you like milk and sugar?” asked the lady very quietly. “Yes please” said the man, “milk and two sugars, would be perfect”

They both sat down on soft brown leather armchairs, the kind that seemed to mould themselves to the contours of your body almost as though they were made to measure. They drank their tea in silence only broken from time to time by the noise of the cups being placed back on their saucers. Then the lady spoke ” I am terribly sorry to inform you that Mr Hughes my husband, died quite suddenly last month” she paused and then went on “you see he worked hard all his life as a carpenter, he loved his work. When he retired though, we had no savings and no private pension. So we really struggled as the money just dried up, we still wanted to run a car and do all the normal things, but it was a struggle. We were married for 53 years, its such a shame, anyhow I shouldn’t grumble I’m going to live with my daughter now”

Sometime later that evening as the salesman continued his drive home, he thought about the lady and Mr Hughes. He found himself wondering about life, his job and his family. The next day was again a working day and the salesman was attending a presentation at head office. This happened about three or four times during the year and was always enjoyable as he met up with sales people from other areas of the UK. This time his company had a speaker booked to give the presentation. The salesman hoped it would be interesting and entertaining as he was still feeling tired from the day before.

After being introduced by the Sales Manager, who tried to make several jokes, none of which were really funny and one of which upset some female colleagues, the speaker switched on the projector and started his PowerPoint presentation. This started in a peculiar way as the speaker outlined the story of this family of mice who lived in a world of paradise. So perfect was their lives that they didn’t have to worry about money or hunting for food, in fact it really was paradise for them. They woke up every day and all went to a room, the same room at the same time every day. As if by magic, the same cheese would appear, as it did every single day and they would feast until full. Well one day they all went to the same room at the normal time and guess what, no cheese arrived. Nobody was really concerned until the next day when the same thing happened again. In fact the cheese which had always been delivered, never arrived ever again. Some mice returned day after day, to that same room at the same time. They kept returning and one by one died of hunger, its only a story but all the sales people were a bit saddened by this. A very small group of mice though, threw caution to the wind and went off to try and find food.
These mice not only found other rooms with cheese, but rooms with different types of cheeses. As you can imagine those mice flourished and rejoiced in their survival. The moral of the presentation being that if you always do the same things every day, with the very same set of circumstances, you always get the same result. That is until circumstances change, at which point you carry on in the same old fashion or you change and do something different.

The salesman immediately thought of Mr Hughes and wished that he had been able to see the presentation, if he had seen it perhaps he would have done something different.

Do you feel like your working harder and harder, seeing less of your family and not really seeing the benefits of your labour. Doing the same things every day, getting the same results, well the only way you can change that is by doing something a little different every day. Start building an income with a part time internet business, that you can do from home. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain as you could build a residual income that will provide for you and your family even after you retire. There’s never been a better time to try this as its free to join and you even have access to free training, that you can do at your own pace from the comfort of your own home or anywhere that you can get an internet connection. Take action today and join today, just click here

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How to make money online whilst having fun

Do You Want to Make Money Every Month?
Well the good news is you can start right now, yes today by clicking on the link below
Join SFI for FREE through this link

There are many ways to earn an income through the programme, this just highlights some of the fun ways to collect points. Starting from this month, you can get another 300 ACTION Vps at SFI every month. Let me show you how easy that really is now. Obviously you would need to join for free and be logged in for the links to work, before you can actually complete these actions. But without joining this illustrates the various pages.

If this is the first time that you have visited this site, please look for my first post “Millions of People” this you can find by simply scrolling down the page or see “getting started” under categories, on the right hand side of the page. By reading that post first, this post will then make more sense.

Please go to your VP Ledger page


As you can see from the above screen shot, there are 3 new items which we can use to collect (200 + 50 + 50) = 300 Versapoints every month.


How to get 200 VPs from playing games, the Eager Zebra game and Pick The Price entries.

30 Action VPs From Eager Zebra game entries:

When you click the link in your VP ledger page, it will take you to the Time Machine, this page below:


Just enter the number in box (1), then click “SUBMIT”.

Note, this game changes each month, each entry will cost you 1 TCredit but you get 1 VP and you’ll have a chance to win 100s of TCredits. Using this game you can collect 30 SFI Action VPs every month.

Get 170 VPs From Pick The Price entries:

You can collect as many action VPs as you can in this step. But please note that the maximum VPs that are counted for you from these games combined is 200 action VP.

Now, how can you collect these 170 action VPs from “Pick The Price”? Here are the steps:

Go to the auction page:

Have a look at all the open auctions which have just started, with their prices (less than $1). Note, the auctions existing bid price needs to be less than $1 (i.e. the auction just started).  In the right hand column of the auction page, exactly under the title “Pick The Price”, click “ENTER”. On the new page you need to enter the price that you think  will be the winning price of this auction, then click “Confirm”. See these screenshot below.

Note, For every Pricebenders auction at TripleClicks, you need to can try to guess the winning price of the auction and win 100 FREE TCredits (a $42 value) or 25 FREE TCredits if you’re the closest guess.

There are hundreds of chances to win every month! Again, to enter, just click the “Pick The Price” button at any auction before the price reaches $1.00 (just 1 TCredit to enter, no purchase necessary to play or win).

By these entries and playing these games, you can collect 200 action VPs very easily every month.


Then at the next screen, pick a price and enter by hitting the confirm button



Now you can get 50 Action VPs From Downloading Music:

If you are interested in music downloading, this is your chance to collect 50 action VPs every month by downloading music from TC.

When you click the appropriate link below (which you find in the Daily Actions list in the first screenshot above), this will open the TC Music page.


As you see above this will open the page with 10 music download options. You can choose any one to download, in this case we have chosen “Dynamite – Hit 4 6″

You would then click on that music title and this opens the music page (See the image below). You then just click the play icon.


After you click the “Play button”, the music will start, and a bar will appear at the top of the page. Now you click the yellow “Vote – Download”  bar


Two new pop up windows will then appear (See image below). Then simply click “Download”, then “Save”, then “OK”.


Note: Each download will cost you 1 T Credit, but you get back 1 action VP. You can get up to 50 VPs from downloading music every month.


You can also get 50 Action VPS Every Month from listing items in your own Free E Commerce Store:

The first step is to open your ECA  (E Commerce Affiliate) store, this again is a simple process. I will discuss this process in more detail in a separate post. But for now, just be aware that you can sell your own items, products, e books etc and this is the great thing, no setting up costs, no hosting fees, everything is already done for you. All you do is to add items to your store, maybe one of your local businesses doesn’t sell online yet, why not speak to them about this. You could even offer them a listing service, if nothing is sold it doesn’t cost a thing. You just pay a small percentage fee per item, per sale.

After you get your ECA store approved, you need to add your listings (Product or service). Each listing you add will get you 1 action VP. You can collect up to 50 action VPs every month by adding your listings.

As you see, you can easily add 300 VersaPoints or more every month to your action VPs. This will help you to earn money and increase your SFI rank to become a Team Leader.

Take action now if you want to start making money online, join SFI for FREE by clicking here through this link

I wish you every success,

Stephen J

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How to get started making money online


In this post I have included a video to give you an overview of what you will find once you join us, please remember that you can join for free, no credit card required. All the training is free too and you can leave any time you like. Join here TODAY.

Essentially, when you join there is a complete programme set up, you just follow the training its very easy to understand no special computer skills required. When you join, you will be given a sponsor and a co sponsor to help and support you. Some sponsors are more proactive than others, but if you join from here, you need not worry, as I will be your sponsor myself.

Before you watch the video, please remember the video is very good, but it probably looks more complicated to new arrivals than it actually is. The main thing to remember is that once you have joined, you will be collecting free points as you read through the Launch Pad Training. You collect these points day by day and these are like shares. So the more points you collect, the more you can earn. With an experienced mentor like myself guiding you along the way, you will be surprised how fast you will collect those points.

In fact this is my first insiders tip, collect 500 points in your first 24 hours and you get a fast track bonus!!

The easy way to get started is to click here join us today

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People are joining in their thousands every day, from all over the world. “I myself am based in the UK and highly recommend this programme, it is my personal belief that this offers everyone a huge potential opportunity to make money online, no matter what their background, education or location. To get started today see my invitation” Stephen J, Sussex, UK.

Please find my personal invitation click here

Here are just a few testimonials:

“The simplicity of the SFI system has helped me to develop a six- figure income coming right out of college. With its great team leaders on your side and simple automation, you can build a successful home-based business in no time at all!”
C. Fuchs

“This is the best money-making opportunity I’ve seen, bar none. I have been involved in the network marketing and direct-sales business for 25 years, but none can compete with SFI.”
D. Scruggs

“Being new, I joined several programs. Having retired, I had the time to devote to each. The ONLY one that produced a commission in the first month was SFI. The ONLY one that gave me daily reports was SFI. The ONLY one I kept was SFI. Now I’ll devote my energy to SFI.”
H. Schmidhofer

“I have been in several network marketing companies, but never have I seen a system this impressive that does so much so quickly!”
P. Dunaway

“I have been involved in network marketing for over 20 years. I have never seen anything like SFI. If I had only known about SFI beforehand, I would have not wasted my time. Now, I am spreading the word to the whole world that there is nothing anywhere that can come close to SFI. ”
R. Belmonte

“Bravo, SFI! I’m a success-conscious Nigerian who is now an instant leader and on my way to financial independence after embracing SFI marketing and its residual-income earning program. SFI possesses awesome, well-organized, and managed structure that produces the best ever imagined fortune for a committed affiliate in record time. ”
K. Sarumi

“After three and a half years online I have found the most professional and best-run opportunity with SFI. The teamwork and support are the best around. My future is now in my hands–and it looks good!”
J. Chessher

“The SFI program works! I cannot recommend any other affiliate program more strongly.”
P. Bates

“SFI is truly different from all other Internet money-making opportunities out there. SFI’s products and customer service are unmatched. After just five months with SFI, I am well on my way to quitting my day job. Thank-you SFI for changing my life!”
K. Johnston

“I am very fortunate in finding a company like SFI to get myself on the road to financial freedom. There are so many [opportunities] out there claiming the same and delivering nothing but disappointments. SFI is very easy and I do not have to invest a lot of my hard-earned money or take time away from my family. I love the idea of doing all of my business on the Internet.”
B. Huser

“Thank you for this amazing program. Within a weekend, my team increased with 50 new people joining. Every time I logged on there was a new affiliate. Absolutely amazing. ”
S. Horvath

“Before I became an SFI affiliate, I investigated several Internet opportunities. SFI is the only one I found to be completely honest and credible. Thank you SFI!”
G. Ferguson

“The SFI program really has changed our lives. I’m looking forward to my early retirement in the new millennium.”
W. Davis-Dill

“SFI is one the most outstanding affiliate programs on the Internet.”
M. Caskey

“I have had good experience with various online companies, but SFI is far better, with good products. I love SFI. I have already received two checks and am waiting for the third one to arrive. I highly recommend that everyone joins SFI for financial and time freedom. Thanks SFI!”
S. AzeemAhmed

“WOW, this program is the one that delivers everything they say and more!”
S. Beveridge

“SFI is the best network-marketing program I have ever seen. It has real results…fast!!!”
M. Liu

“I spent almost a year looking for the right opportunity. Then, I found out about SFI. My search was over. SFI had everything I was looking for–quality products, training, a support system, and a genuine opportunity. Thanks to SFI, I have achieved one of my major life goals: to own my own business.”
J. Trotsky

“This business has been a joy! I get paid for playing on the Internet and helping others to do the same! I am now stepping into new streams of income and it’s pretty cool! I don’t know how to thank you, SFI! ”
D. Tirado

“I’ve been involved in online marketing for nearly three years, and I’ve NEVER seen such a well-managed and honest company that allows ME to succeed so easily. Thanks a million!”
M. DelleChiaie

“Nothing I have tried so far has jump-started my business like the SFI Affiliate program. I know that with this program we will all SUCCEED! I am verrrrry excited !!”
B.G. Paul

“I have just started SFI, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. This week, I have had almost 60 people sign up and generated five sales. Just sign up at SFI. It is the best [opportunity] I have seen on the Internet.”
J. Pelt

“SFI is the ultimate home-based business. In the nine months that I’ve been involved with SFI not only have I earned a residual income but I have also expanded my knowledge base by leaps and bounds. The training and camaraderie is outstanding! P.S. Keep sending me those commission notification emails; They really make my day!”
T. Grote

“I am very glad I joined SFI. The system really works!!!”
S. Heuane

“SFI is the most lucrative opportunity of a lifetime. In just a few days, I was seeing returns. I am fast approaching the goals that were taking me literally years to accomplish.”
R. Bryant

“You guys are turning me into a real believer, and that’s no easy task! I am extremely excited and look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with SFI.”
D. Legere

“I have been involved in many different programs over the years. But I never experienced the growth or commission potential that SFI offers. I have been advancing and seeing a profit since DAY ONE!!! In short, SFI is the BEST and ONLY program to belong to.”
V. Shyver

“I joined SFI in September! This is the most well-established business I have ever been involved with. I am totally commited to SFI! To anyone desiring a online home business, this is the No. 1 opportunity to be involved with! Great support, benefits and, did I mention, FREE!”
S. Whitlock

“I must admit that I was a skeptic in the beginning, but I’ve now discovered the power of the SFI System. This company has the goods. I am on the way to making my new SFI Business a full-time venture. Don’t miss the boat folks!”
W. Douglas

“Finally, a program that works. Thank you for letting me be a part of the most powerful marketing network on the Internet.”
P. Martin

“SFI works. I didn’t think I could do anything like this, but I took the chance and have proven myself wrong.”
K. Watson-Chivers

“I have been seriously marketing Internet opportunities for a few months now. In that time, I have researched dozens of companies. SFI is simply the most powerful and productive!”
R. Louch

“No other company is comparable to SFI. It’s easy to implement and is affordable. They have the resources and products necessary to build a very profitable home-based business.”
L. Hathorn

“I’ve involved myself with several online businesses, and SFI is by far the best of all. I don’t think anyone could go wrong with the superior training and support that SFI freely offers to their affiliates. And the products are great too.”
R. Riney

“SFI ROCKS!! I just started and got a look at the SFI Website and was amazed. SFI, you rule!!!”
K. Allyn

“Gery Carson [SFI founder] is the best in his field that I’ve ever seen. Don’t give it a second thought about signing-up for SFI. The program does ALL that it promises and more.”
A. Hinkley

“I’ve been in network marketing for a very long time and thought I had seen it all. SFI is the most incredible and absolutely best system I have ever seen to become financially free while helping other people do the same”
M. Drummer

“I am proud to call myself an SFI affiliate…They changed my life. I went from living paycheck to paycheck to owning my own business. Now, I don’t have to worry about my future anymore. Thanks to SFI.”
S. Mitchell

“I am so HAPPY I found SFI! I’ve tried every program out there. SFI is the only one that has given me what I was looking for. SFI delivers. If you’re looking for a way to create residual income for your family, DO IT TODAY! SFI is fun and the most cost effective home- based business out there. They do what they say they will do.”
D. Smith

“I had been watching SFI for quite some time. My only regret is that I didn’t jump into this program much sooner! I highly suggest if you’re looking to join a very reputable company, SFI is the one to get involved with for the long term. ”
M. Shaw

“This, by far, has to be the best Internet business on the Web to- date. It definitely has no equal.”
R. Collins

“I am not the type of person to fall into every get-rich quick scheme that comes my way. I take time and research an oranization before rushing headlong into something. I have been extremly impressed with SFI and even more impressed with the the opportunities that are presented. For once, I have found a creditable organization that is going to help me reach my goals and have the future that I only dreamed possible. ”
D. Romero

“Being burned badly in the past I researched SFI very carefully. I scrutinized it pretty thoroughly, looking for anything that would give me license to call it “just another scheme.” What I found was the most well-put-together affiliate program I have ever seen. No program is perfect, but this one’s darn close.”
B. Barner

“Having been around the industry a number of years, I could see in SFI what I did not see in most other opportunities…I now own a business that reaches every corner of the globe.”
The Fortune Builders Network

“I am constantly amazed at the power of SFI. This is truly exciting, and the best part is that it’s FREE to sign up. I’ve been in other programs and lost money in most of them. I’m now devoting all my ability to this outstanding program.”
R. Wright

“I have tried so many different programs and opportunities, I was just about convinced that nothing would work. I am so glad to finally have found something that really works. ”
C. Warman

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This site is all about making money online and why not?
Millions of people around the world are doing just that!
You might want to start by making a second income online and then build that up into a full time income, or even start a full time online business from scratch.

With the global access to the world wide web about to explode, there has never been a better time to start. Most people think you need special computer or internet skills, or previous online experience. The truth is that both of those would help, but you can learn those skills as you build your business. What’s more, the state of the art training is free, it will not cost you anything. So now your probably thinking, I don’t have anything to sell, well you don’t need to sell your own products. In fact all you need is access to the internet and the mind set to really follow an established pathway. These days you can find plenty of get rich quick schemes online, the first thing they do is tell you how broke they were and how in under a year they became a millionaire. Oh yes and then they tell you to sign up and pay $30 dollars, enter your credit card details and find out all about it. Forget them, they don’t work and what’s worse they make people loose money that they can little afford.

So there are opportunities, big opportunities, to build an online business from scratch. Nobody will ask for your credit card details and you join for free, no catch, no long term commitment. The very best thing is that you are not starting from scratch, the business framework is already in place, you just follow the free training, that you can do online at your own pace and at a time convenient to yourself. You might do this in the comfort of your own home or perhaps whilst on the train travelling to your normal workplace. Some people even do this in their lunch break, the main thing is that you would ideally log in every day.

So if you can’t get rich overnight, how long does it take?
If you started any new business you would not expect to get rich overnight and this is just the same. First you lay the foundations, then you build your business, you could select a single or multiple income stream to build.
However, with no start up costs and no employees you can build an online income that will run around the clock every day, 365 days a year. Yes even whilst you sleep, the internet is always open for business. To begin with you are planting a small seed, but one that can potentially grow into a giant of a plant.

If you are a student, a mum, a dad, retired, just been made redundant, need an extra income, or even have an existing physical business but no online sales, you have just found the best place. Why not register today for free and take your first step, you will be surprised how fast you will learn about making money online. So this is my personal invitation to you. Please find my invitation click here