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The 30 Day Challenge Begins


Many people have seen the name SFI (Strong Future International), but they have not really explored what SFI offers them in terms of long-term residual income and sales commissions.

I am issuing a 30 Day Challenge to anyone that is interested in building a new income stream. This Challenge is for 30 Days, and NO MONEY is required.

What I get from you:
*A Potential Team Leader, making money because YOU are making money.
*A potential friend for life.
What you get:
*Full personal support from me in answering any questions.
*Articles and tips for generating sales at
*Tutorials and follow-up advice to attract new affiliates and mentor your team.
*Getting Started Training
*General in-depth tips and how-to’s for getting started with your SFI business.
*The ABSOLUTE most vital tenets of your SFI business that when followed, bring success.
*Articles and reports from around the Internet you should be reading.
*A great tutorial for referring ECAs, including example letters, scripts, and more.
*How to start and run a profitable online business. (Professional Instruction)
*Valuable insights, tips, shortcuts, and more from fellow SFI affiliates.
*SFI President and Founder, Gery Carson, answers your “big picture” questions.
*Support Desk from SFI.
*Leadership Page Manager
*The latest SFI news, announcements, and special alerts
*SFI’s international superstore, TripleClicks, features 80,000+ products and services, with hundreds more being added weekly to buy and sell, including collectables, closeouts, hard-to-find items, daily “deal of the day” bargains, and much more.
*Benefits Chart
*Compensation Plan
*Earnings Optimization Report
*Earnings Calculator
*Commissions Report
*Commissions/Getting Paid FAQs
*SFI offers several ways to receive your commissions. Choose or modify the way you wish to receive your commissions
*Free Marketing Aids
*92 Marketing Methods
*Hit Tracking

To recap, You pay NO MONEY to join. There are NO HIDDEN FEE’S or AUTO-SHIPS. Work the LaunchPad, the To-Do daily tasks (Takes very short time), and at the end of 30 days you make a well-informed decision to stay, or opt out. (If you opt out you will not be contacted. SFI takes SPAM very seriously, and respects your privacy.)

As a bonus, if you complete 1500 VP (Very easy the first 30 days) I will send you a valuable E-Book from our E-Books Department at no cost to you!


Let’s get started TODAY at See you Soon!

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Millions of people are making money online

Free home internet business

This site is all about making money online and why not?
Millions of people around the world are doing just that!
You might want to start by making a second income online and then build that up into a full time income, or even start a full time online business from scratch.

With the global access to the world wide web about to explode, there has never been a better time to start. Most people think you need special computer or internet skills, or previous online experience. The truth is that both of those would help, but you can learn those skills as you build your business. What’s more, the state of the art training is free, it will not cost you anything. So now your probably thinking, I don’t have anything to sell, well you don’t need to sell your own products. In fact all you need is access…

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Ten things you never knew about the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

Ten Things you never knew about the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament


Over 42,000 tennis balls are used during the competition, each ball travels thousands of air miles before it gets to Wimbledon. New Zealand wool is used for each ball, the wool is sent from New Zealand to Stroud in England where it is turned into felt for covering the rubber balls. The felt is then sent to Bataan in the Philippines where the tennis balls are constructed, then the completed tennis balls are sent all the way back to Wimbledon in England. In fact materials from eleven countries are involved in this cycle, at least 80,000 km around the world then another 10,700 km back from the Philippines to Wimbledon. You could say 50,570 production miles at least for a Tennis Ball production run. Slazenger has supplied the tennis balls since 1902, each tennis ball is only used for between 7 to 9 games in the Wimbledon tournament. New Balls Please !!!!!

The first sport ever played on the Wimbledon ground wasn’t Tennis at all, but Croquet, a game involving hitting a ball through wooden hoops stuck into the ground. The ball is hit with a wooden mallet swung between the legs. Tennis didn’t arrive until 1877 but a small croquet lawn still exists at Wimbledon today. The funniest croquet sequence was seen in Alice In Wonderland.

Strawberries and Cream are forever connected with the Wimbledon Championships, not forgetting Champagne. Traditionally, and still today, the Strawberries are picked in Kent each day at the crack of dawn and then delivered the same day to Wimbledon, to be enjoyed with fresh cream and in pristine condition. The Strawberries are sold in punnets, each punnet has around 10 individual Strawberries and cream. On average 8,615 punnets are sold each day, 28,0000 Kg of Strawberries are consumed over the tournament with 7,000 litres of fresh cream.

Wimbledon boasts the greatest grass courts and has in total 19 courts. The famous Rye Grass is exclusively used for all the courts, to keep the tennis courts in good condition over 3,000 gallons of water are used. The grass is cut to exactly 8mm in height and 45 ground staff tend to those Courts to ensure that they are kept in peak condition.

To qualify for Wimbledon players have to be at their peak performance, do you qualify to join my Team?

The people that I am looking for must be able to say yes to the following key points.
They can invest around $30 US a month to build their business.
They are committed to log in online every day to follow a routine that takes about 20 minutes.
Free Online Training modules are provided, which can be completed at your own pace at any time.
They are not interested in a get rich quick scheme but seriously interested in a genuine online business with the opportunity to develop multiple income streams.
They have a good understanding of English language.
They have good access to the internet from home or work, not internet cafés.
Committed to long term success.

So I’m recruiting now, five people each month only, who meet the above criteria. It’s free to join now and in the first month you will not spend a dime, just complete the online free training and see if it’s something you want to do.
So if you’re seriously interested watch Wimbledon and join me today by clicking here


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World Cup Football Competition Kicks Off


World Cup Football Competition Kicks Off

The World Cup, the biggest sporting occasion in the world is about to kick off. Top footballers from all over the world will showcase their skills in Brazil, to global sports fans around the Globe. The stage is set for a spectacular opening ceremony.

In the very first World Cup there were only 13 Teams playing, that has now grown to 32 Teams. In many circles people are calling Brazil the favourites to win this year. If you think you can predict the winning team and the total number of goals scored in the entire tournament, you could win a share of a huge prize. You can enter the competition and make your prediction every day, just join for free and then go to games click here

Whatever Team you support, good luck to you!!!

Pele Mexico City World Cup

Who was your favourite footballer of all time? Please let me know below in the comments box.

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Godzilla Free Preview, Competition, Review.

The new Godzilla movie opens very soon! And you could be one of the winners in a brand new competition. The previews of the film are awesome, the special effects incredible, it’s even being released for Imax. This is going to be the biggest box office hit this year so don’t miss it. Here are some more facts about the movie, the original old Godzilla movies were made in Japan. In the new film Director Gareth Edwards brings Godzilla into life in a spectacular form, the cinematography is state of the art. The cast including, Juliette Binoche, Sally Hawkins, Elizabeth Olson, Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe, David Strathairn, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, will have you entranced in the epic storyline. The cinematography, special effects and awesome camera angles all contribute to you being gripped on the edge of your seat for the entire film. Bryan Cranston plays a scientist called Joe Brody, who isn’t taken seriously by his peers, until something happens! We follow the Ford family through the film, with segments from locations around the world, jumping from the Philippines to Japan, then from Hawaii to the west coast of the United States. The military team lead by David Strathairn and the paratroopers have to carry out a rescue mission, one you won’t forget!! This thrilling disaster movie will break records this year, don’t miss it, coming to a Cinema near you soon.

Watch the preview here and don’t forget the competition here, you just need to log in first or join for free before you can enter.