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World Cup Football Competition Kicks Off


World Cup Football Competition Kicks Off

The World Cup, the biggest sporting occasion in the world is about to kick off. Top footballers from all over the world will showcase their skills in Brazil, to global sports fans around the Globe. The stage is set for a spectacular opening ceremony.

In the very first World Cup there were only 13 Teams playing, that has now grown to 32 Teams. In many circles people are calling Brazil the favourites to win this year. If you think you can predict the winning team and the total number of goals scored in the entire tournament, you could win a share of a huge prize. You can enter the competition and make your prediction every day, just join for free and then go to games click here

Whatever Team you support, good luck to you!!!

Pele Mexico City World Cup

Who was your favourite footballer of all time? Please let me know below in the comments box.