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Ten things you never knew about the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

Ten Things you never knew about the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament


Over 42,000 tennis balls are used during the competition, each ball travels thousands of air miles before it gets to Wimbledon. New Zealand wool is used for each ball, the wool is sent from New Zealand to Stroud in England where it is turned into felt for covering the rubber balls. The felt is then sent to Bataan in the Philippines where the tennis balls are constructed, then the completed tennis balls are sent all the way back to Wimbledon in England. In fact materials from eleven countries are involved in this cycle, at least 80,000 km around the world then another 10,700 km back from the Philippines to Wimbledon. You could say 50,570 production miles at least for a Tennis Ball production run. Slazenger has supplied the tennis balls since 1902, each tennis ball is only used for between 7 to 9 games in the Wimbledon tournament. New Balls Please !!!!!

The first sport ever played on the Wimbledon ground wasn’t Tennis at all, but Croquet, a game involving hitting a ball through wooden hoops stuck into the ground. The ball is hit with a wooden mallet swung between the legs. Tennis didn’t arrive until 1877 but a small croquet lawn still exists at Wimbledon today. The funniest croquet sequence was seen in Alice In Wonderland.

Strawberries and Cream are forever connected with the Wimbledon Championships, not forgetting Champagne. Traditionally, and still today, the Strawberries are picked in Kent each day at the crack of dawn and then delivered the same day to Wimbledon, to be enjoyed with fresh cream and in pristine condition. The Strawberries are sold in punnets, each punnet has around 10 individual Strawberries and cream. On average 8,615 punnets are sold each day, 28,0000 Kg of Strawberries are consumed over the tournament with 7,000 litres of fresh cream.

Wimbledon boasts the greatest grass courts and has in total 19 courts. The famous Rye Grass is exclusively used for all the courts, to keep the tennis courts in good condition over 3,000 gallons of water are used. The grass is cut to exactly 8mm in height and 45 ground staff tend to those Courts to ensure that they are kept in peak condition.

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